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January 2016

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New SS16 Launch: The Animals Observatory

14th January 2016
The animals observatory

Sorry for the silence. It’s taken me a while to get back to things after Christmas! But now I am back and ready to let you know about 2016’s hottest launches. First up is The Animals Observatory by Bobo Choses former creative director, Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu.

Fascinated by art, architecture and paintings from the 70s, Laia Aguilar decided to take inspiration from them to create The Animals Observatory, a brand of graphic, edgy kids clothing. Animals are at the centre of Laia’s designs, seen through the eyes of children. Instinctive, modern, creative and timeless, The Animals Observatory offers a new version of kids fashion and tells us beautiful stories!Laia sees children’s fashion as an artistic tool through which she can express her own extraordinary world. Tireless in her efforts, each garment she designs is infused with her flair and authenticity.

Children and adults alike will be drawn to its sense of playfulness, comfort and aesthetic pleasure, all based on the philosophy of an old motto that Laia often repeats to her children: ‘Be a good animal, true to your instincts’. All pieces below from The Animals Observatory are available at Smallable. 


The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory at Smallable


The Animals Observatory at Smallable

animal observatory at Smallable

All available at online department store, Smallable.