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Kitchen Design Ideas To Create A Dream Kitchen

21st June 2016
kitchen ideas

This week’s interiors blog post is dedicated to the kitchen and kitchen ideas. In the 12 years of owning our property, we have redesigned the kitchen three times. On two occasions, we have used Ikea units, first with wooden cabinets then with glossy dark grey. For our third kitchen in our flat refurbishment below, we were lucky enough to get a whole kitchen for free thanks to Freecycle! This has to be our best Freecycle find ever but that’s another story!

Now back to some kitchen design ideas. There’s nothing wrong with the Ikea units we have currently but having worked in the interiors industry for years, I now yearn for the pared back simplicity of expertly crafted cupboards in a Shaker style made from natural materials over MDF. For a touch of elegance these wooden cupboards are best combined with richer textures and stones like Carrara marble or limestone for splashbacks and worktops. If you are ever looking for kitchen design ideas, try out Homify. I found it an invaluable resource when planning any space in the home.


When it comes to cabinetry, it’s important to select the right wood for the right purpose. Opt for cabinets in flexible tulipwood or a hardwood which is more durable and can withstand heavy use. Of course wooden cabinetry comes with a higher price point but the functionality and overall aesthetic wins every time. I really like the look and feel of this kitchen from Devol, an elegant shaker style made using traditional 18th century techniques.


The Hampton Court Kitchen by deVOL : Classic style kitchen by deVOL Kitchens


I have always been a fan of dark colours for the kitchen, never the clinical and minimal white look. Everybody is opting for dark grey at the moment which is still a favourite of mine but I also think indigo blue works really well for the kitchen. I also love this green of the Devol kitchen below, a colour a cross between emerald and racing green. Team with a light colour worktop in Carrara marble or limestone.

The Cotes Mill Utility Room by deVOL : Rustic style kitchen by deVOL Kitchens

Worktops & Splashbacks

Marble is definitely experiencing a renaissance and a material that is definitely in demand in the kitchen. Carrara marble adds that opulent feel but teamed with simple wood cupboards, it gives a pared back, elegant aesthetic. Marble is timeless and so durable for the kitchen whether it is used as a splashback or you could even add a hint of the stone with marble accessories like these from ones from Rose & Grey. Team marble with a copper sink for a unique touch.

W12 Kitchen by British Standard : Rustic style kitchen by British Standard by Plain English W12 Kitchen by British Standard by British Standard by Plain English
W12 Kitchen by British Standard : Rustic style kitchen by British Standard by Plain English
W12 Kitchen by British Standard by British Standard by Plain English


Storage, Storage, Storage! You can never have enough kitchen storage. Opt for deep drawers and clever storage solutions. If space permits, build a bank of floor to ceiling cupboards along one wall of the kitchen. I can honestly say that this piece of design advice has really helped in our kitchen and created ample storage space. Choose cupboards which are less deep than the traditional kitchen cabinet. This means you are not always having to reach right to the back of a cupboard where it’s difficult to get to.


The Kew Shaker Kitchen by deVOL : Scandinavian style kitchen by deVOL Kitchens
Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration : Classic style kitchen by Davonport
’Vivid Classic’ Kitchen—bread drawer and pull out shelf : Classic style kitchen by Vivid line furniture ltd


Add a finishing touch with leather handles for the drawers or cupboards. These handles as seen on British Standard Cupboards kitchen add a sense of luxury and a bespoke feel about the room.

W12 Kitchen by British Standard : Classic style kitchen by British Standard by Plain English
Handle, drawer : Wardrobes & closets by Tim van de Weerd

For more kitchen design ideas and inspirational shots head to Homify, an invaluable resource and sourcebook when planning your kitchen design or any area in your home for that matter.

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